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Matt Logan:
105 on the Centerline

105 on the Centerline - Matt LoganRecorded and produced by Kenn Fox
All compositions written and performed by Matt Logan
Recorded at Anam Studio, Watertown, WI
Mastered at Axis by Vinne Millevolte and Kenn Fox
Additional engineering by Garrwett Waite and Scott Schlichting

Contributing writers and musicians: Jake Luebke, Tom Poremba, Kenn Fox, Dave Finley, Randy Mueller, Grace Butscher, Ruthie McQuinn, John Pike, Suzette Nelson, Karen Haskell


  1. Turbo Scream
  2. I Want to See It For A While
  3. Playin' Pirates
  4. My Best Days
  5. Heart in a Cast
  6. Silo
  7. Next Full Moon
  8. Peace I've Found
  9. 105 on the Centerline
  10. Why Don't You Love Me


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Audio CD: one disc
Release Date: 3/1/2023
Number of Discs: 1
LMCN: 0005

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